Thursday, June 09, 2005

Movie Review: Haute (High) Tension

I just finished watching both versions of this film, both the French unrated version and the English dubbed version. I wish I could understand French because they really did a rather lousy job of dubbing the voices for the English version. If you haven't seen any of the available clips online from this movie, don't start now because it totally ruins the movie. Unfortunately, all the good parts can be seen online and leave the film rather lifeless if you've already seen them. If you haven't seen any, then good for you, you should be rather taken back and hold on for the ride. Everything in this movie would have hit harder if I didn't already know it was coming. This trend must stop! They're doing it with Devil's Rejects too and I will not fall for it again. The whole point is to be scared and not know what's coming next! Having said that, the movie is good, it's well shot and the acting's very good. The soundtrack lends to the film's atmosphere. The film follows two girls who go studying at one's parent's house and that night, a terrible visitor comes a calling. Blood flows and the race is on. It's a classic cat and mouse film and there is a twist at the end, but not one that any self-respecting horror fan can't figure out within the first fifteen minutes. I can't state it enough--Don't watch the online clips!!! Take that advice and you'll have a bloody good time. I give Haute Tension *** out of *****.

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