Saturday, January 29, 2005

Silent Hill Movie

The video game Silent Hill is being made into a movie with Christophe Gans (Brotherhood of the Wolf) directing. The story is being written by Roger Avery (Killing Zoe). The survival horror film supposedly follows the quest of a mother and daughter, who are trying to find out the secrets behind the apparently abandoned town.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Marvel Films on The Way

Marvel is apparently going ahead with plans for sequels to two of their big movies. The Hulk 2 and Punisher 2 are about to be green lighted. Meanwhile, Man-Thing will be aired on the Sci-Fi Channel some time in April rather than going to theaters. It already has a DVD release date of June 14.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Book of The Week: MEG: Primal Waters by Steve Alten

MEG: Primal Waters is the third book in the megalodon Angel series by Steve Alten. It follows MEG and The Trench. I always enjoy Alten's novels because they all have the same ingredient...action! Steve's books are like a great action adventure movie taking place in your head. Everything is so easily realised that as your reading, the movie is playing right along and man, is it fun. I also truly respect Steve as an author and human being because he does so much for his craft, including the Adopt-an-Author program, and he always keeps his fans in mind and never forgets where he came from. I've never met the man, but I've read all of his books except Goliath, as well as being a subscriber to his online newsletter, and he really appreciates his fanbase. Anyway, back to the book. The action is furious and fast, and the body count rises, along with your pulse from the start to the end of the book. I never thought anyone could write a good shark story after Jaws, but Steve's gone and done it three times now with a possible fourth on the way. Needless to say, I really enjoyed this book like a shark does chum and I am counting the days for Steve's next book The Loch to be released in May. I give MEG: Primal Waters **** out of *****.

Album of The Week: Hellfire Club by Edguy

This latest offering from the German band Edguy finds the boys in tip top shape. This is a straight forward rock-n-rollin' metal album. They have the ability to morph into many of your old time metal heroes. There are times on this album when I swear I'm listening to Judas Priest, and other times, Iron Maiden. America hasn't had any true heavy metal bands in years, yet Edguy proves that it can still be made and made well. I can't really say that there is a weak track on this disc. There are a couple slow songs but even they are good and don't get too sappy on you. This is a tight, well oiled band here. It's really a shame that America is so obsessed with marketing cardboard cutout popstars that the industry doesn't recognize these types of bands. Their albums go gold and platinum in countries all over the world but you never hear of them in the States. So here's the deal, if you like old Priest or Maiden, or even Dio, check these guys out and you won't be disappointed. Put the cd in, crank up the volume and don't forget to raise the devil horns because metal is not dead, it's just living in a different country. Welcome to the Freakshow! I give it **** out of *****.

Horror/SciFi DVD Releases for 2/1

The Grudge
Extra-Terrestrial Visitors
The History of Iron Maiden, Pt. 1: The Early Days
Killer Barbys Vs. Dracula
Sealab 2021: Season 2
The Secret of Nimh Collection

Movie of the Week: Bubba Ho-Tep

This week's pick is a little gem from Don Coscarelli (Phantasm). Starring Bruce Campbell as an aged Elvis, and Ossie Davis as JFK (don't ask, just see the movie). This film centers around the old age home that both men are spending their last days in and the mummy that's attacking the seniors who live there. Sounds out there, right? It is, but it works. It works because Campbell and Davis do a great job of delivering this movie. Never has a horror/comedy also touched an emotional nerve as this one does. While you're laughing at the funny parts, it makes you ponder on the lonliness and isolation that goes along with getting old, left in an old home with no one to visit you or care that you're there. I'm telling you, the end of this movie has an emotional impact. I know it's not as scary as some would like, but if you like a plain old good movie with great performances, then this is a good one to watch. I give it ****1/2 out of *****.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Hunter: The Reckoning Movie

Uwe Boll, the director behind Alone in the Dark, the upcoming Bloodrayne, and unfortunately, my pick for worst movie ever, House of the Dead, continues his game to movie trend with Hunter: The Reckoning. So far, the only actor cast is Donald Sutherland and it's supposed to start pre-production in February. The movie centers around a group of people with extraordinary skills that are forced into doing battle with a supernatural creature that preys on humans.

Silver Surfer Movie Rumors

There are rumors sliding around out there about The Silver Surfer being the next big movie coming from Marvel. The Rock is reportedly being courted for the lead role and this is supposedly the movie that he left the WWE to do. I am pretty excited about this because with today's technology, I think the movie could be really cool. I just hope they don't go with a full CGI character like they did with The Hulk.

Clive Barker's Abarat Books to be Adapted

John Harrison, the director of the the Tales from the Darkside: The Movie and the Dune miniseries for the SciFi Channel has directed a film version of Clive Barker's best selling Abarat books. The first 2 books in the series, Abarat and Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War will be combined into a single movie. Disney is the studio making the film so hopefully they'll keep the darker aspects of the novels and not cut out all the good stuff. Harrison is currently wrapping up filming.

X-Files 2 No More

Chris Carter's agent came out and squashed the rumors surrounding the X-Files 2, so the big question is how and why did USA Today quote David Duchovney regarding the film? Could it be a conspiracy? A government cover-up? An alien infestation at USA Today? Whichever, the SciFi community is mourning the revelation, as we all were looking forward to it.

Monday, January 24, 2005

New Trailers Online

The Fantastic Four

The Ring 2

Alone in The Dark

The Amitiville Horror (Remake)

High Tension

The Devil's Rejects

The War of The Worlds

Batman Begins

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Dog Soldiers 2!!

The poster for Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat has been released even though the film isn't to start filming until May in Hungary. No cast has been picked yet for the film. David Allen, the series creator has reportedly penned a prequel and another sequel for the franchise. I can only hope he puts the care into the new films that he did in the original. I still consider Dog Soldiers as one of the best werewolf movies out there. My review of the original will be posted soon.

New Movie Coming From Blair Witch Guys

Haxan Films have posted a press release on their website stating their next film will be titles Probed. Their being hush-hush about the film though, only saying that it will be a horror movie with a monster in it, and it will not be filmed by the actors. Shooting's scheduled to start in May with Universal apparently footing the bill.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Feburary Horror/SciFi Theatrical Releases

The Brothers Grimm
The Goonies 2
The Boogeyman
Son of The Mask

New Zodiac Killer Movie Planned.

David Fincher, the man behind Seven and Panic Room has picked to helm a new movie about San Francisco's most notorious killer titled Zodiac. Currently the film is scheduled for a late fall 2006 release.

Incredibles And National Treasure DVD Dates

Disney has announced the DVD release dates for two of their biggest films of 2004. The Incredibles will drop with a two-disc edition on March 15 and The Nick Cage blockbuster National Treasure will come out on May 3rd in a single disc offering. One can only expect that a two-disc special edition will be released somewhere down the road.

Horror/SciFi DVD Releases for 1/25

Alien Vs. Predator
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster
Dark Shadows Collection 16
G-String Vampire
Invader Zim Mini Disc 1&2
Season of the Hunted
Switch Killer