Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vote for London Betty!!

Please take a minute of your time and visit Vote for Thomas Edward Seymour's latest film, London Betty. It looks hilarious! It only takes a second to vote, so come on, help out a true independent filmmaker.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

DVD Review: Shuttle

If we as moviegoers ever put much weight on the plot lines in many of today's horror films, we'd never go on vacation. The difference this time, however; is that the terror happens after the victims return home to American soil. As two girls arrive home from their weekend trip to Mexico, they unwittingly accept a shuttle ride home for half the price of another bus. They are joined on the ride by two dudes (who you can tell right away are just going to be used as meat). Also on the bus is a weird older guy and of course, the driver (who looks and sounds like Tobin Bell's younger brother).

The film starts out promising enough, but then, it takes a wrong turn. The characters begin doing stupid things they shouldn't be doing while not doing the things they really should be doing. After a while, it gets really absurd and quite boring. Clocking in at over an hour and forty minutes, this is an exhaustive ride (and not in a good way). Shave about twenty minutes off of this thing and maybe we got a movie, but as is, this film plods along like a bus with four flats. This thing is so long and slow, they should have called it "18-Wheeler" instead of Shuttle. This film, like most shuttles, shows up late, has no idea where it's going and costs way too much (as in my time!).