Saturday, October 04, 2008

DVD Review: Home Sick

With Bill Moseley and Tom Towles, two Devil's Rejects veterans, how can Home Sick be bad, right? Ugh, if only it wasn't true! This film is the ultimate love/hate relationship. There were certain things I loved and a ton of things I hated, and oddly enough, sometimes they were the same things!

Home Sick follows a group of druggie slackers who happen to have an unexpected visitor crash their party(?). This group is supposed to be friends, but with friends like these... Anyway, Mr. Suitcase, as he's called, asks everybody at the party to name someone they hate. After they mention the name, he takes a razor blade and cuts his forearm. The last guy he asks says, "I don't know...everybody in this room, man!" Gee, thanks pal! Needless to say, everyone who was mentioned starts getting killed off in some wonderfully gruesome ways (these parts were impressive). Sadly, this is the only scene with Bill Moseley. The film never goes into why he does what he does. Now, it's up to the slackers, who include a group of comatose poop heads and a girl who smokes two cigarettes at once (does she know how much they cost?) to figure out how to stop the demon on their trail.

The highlight of this film is definitely Tom Towles' performance and the scene at his kitchen table, which was hilarious. Other than that, this film was dismal, with a weird cast of characters who at times were fun to watch and other times, excruciating to watch. Home Sick vomits ** out of *****.