Tuesday, January 10, 2006

DVD Review: The Land of College Prophets

This film is what independent filmmaking is all about. It's directed by a group called The Hale Manor Collective, and they put together one heck of an imaginative movie. Thomas Edward Seymour is the jack-of-all-trades on this project as he not only helped direct it, but he also starred in it, composed the music for it and he even wrote the damn thing! There are people out there that are called College Prophets, people with amazing powers who don't even know they have them, until something happens that brings it out of them. That's the premise of this movie. When two buddies (Tommy and Rye) fight over the same girl, an anchient evil awakens from deep within an old well that legend calls The Well That Ate Children. The well starts to disperse it's tainted water through the town, turning everyone into bloodthirsty maniacs. Tommy and Rye must put aside their bitter feud and team up with some unlikely partners to banish the evil back to the well. A well written and directed film, College Prophets shows that original movies can still be made in this country, even if it's by a bunch of guys from Connecticut. The acting is surprisingly good also, you can tell that this was a labor of love for this group. A great B-Movie in every sense of the word--it has action, horror, laughs, karate-style fight sequences, compelling music, poetry and pink ninjas! It's a bare bones DVD with no extras, but who cares, this movie rocks! I give it ****1/2 out of *****.