Friday, May 06, 2005

Movie Review: Undead

This little motion picture made by two brothers in Australia is set to hit these shores this summer and is highly anticipated. I had the pleasure of seeing an advance of the film and it's a nifty little picture. It's a little confused at spots and the yelling cop was a little too much on the ears, but all in all, it's a worthwile watch. The sleepy little berg of Berkeley gets hit with a freak meteor shower and the residents turn into zombies. Later on in the film, aliens get involved and it wasn't until the movie was over that I realized what they were doing there. It's an entertaining effort and I was impressed by the effects and the way the film was shot. I give the film ***1/2 out of *****.

DVD Review: Starkweather

I had high hopes for this movie and boy, were they squashed! You can probably guess what the plot is, it's basically a portrayal of the Starkweather murders back in the 50's and from what I understand, the film stays pretty true to the facts. However, the director of this thing must have been high during the editing because the damn boom mic is in almost ten scenes! Seriously, every time there is an inside scene between two actors, the mic can be seen at the top of the screen, sometimes the entire mic makes an appearance. It should have recieved an acting credit! It's a shame too because the actors did a decent job (except everyone on the police squad) and it could have been alot better. It's almost like it was filmed by two different guys, some shots were beautifully crafted and shot and then others are just plain amateurish. The movie gets a measly ** out of *****.

Land of the Dead Poster Revealed!

Not long ago the trailer for Romero's summer zombiefest Land of the Dead and now the official movie poster has been unveiled! The more I see and hear about this movie, the more excited I get to see it!

Serenity Trailer Online!

The trailer for Joss Whedon's Firefly feature film titled Serenity is now online and I must say that it looks impressive. The visuals look insane! Click the link to see.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Horror/Sci-Fi DVD Releases for 5/10

Alone in the Dark
Devon's Ghost: The Legend of the Bloody Boy
Final Destination 1 & 2
Ghost Ship / Thirteen Ghosts
Los Vampiros En Coyoacan
My Favorite Martian: The Complete Second Season
Quantum Leap: The Complete Third Season
The Suckling

Not much again this week, a couple of dual movie sets of films already released, some TV shows see the DVD treatment, anime classic-to-be Appleseed, and a couple of B-Movies, oh yeah Uwe Boll's Alone in the Dark rounds out the list.

Rue Morgue Radio Goes Weekly!

My favorite internet radio show, Rue-Morgue Radio with host Tomb Dragomir is changing from a monthly show to a weekly one starting on May 6th! That's four times a month of gruesome tunes and sounds! The new format is also to include interviews with horrordom's stars and reviews of movies.

Monday, May 02, 2005

DVD Review: Some Kind of Monster

A documentary on the world's biggest heavy metal band, Metallica, ultimately moves at a snails pace and sheds no new light on the band that any fan doesn't already know. It chronicles the recording of their latest effort St. Anger. There are some parts where the tension between bandmates really is uncomfortable, and you really can understand what prompted Jason's departure from James and Lars' egos. Those two dudes are two of the biggest crybabies I've ever seen. They were the world's biggest and most influential band over the last decade and after watching this you have to wonder why and how. Cliff Burton must be rolling in his grave. One thing I took from this movie is that Bob Rock is really the driving force behind this band. He comes up with most of the song ideas, riffs, titles and just about everything else. As great as Paradise Lost 1 and 2 were, this didn't cut it for me. Not as bad as the actual cd they were recording, but not that revealing or entertaining either. It gets a subpar **1/2 out of *****.

DVD Review: Madhouse

It's a shame really, that a movie has so much potential, so much capability, and it refuses to take advantage of it. Madhouse has everything you would want in a horror film--setting, atmosphere, disturbing images and haunting figures, but they just can't get it together to make it work well. I hate to say it but Joshua Leonard, the lead actor, looks like a bad Cris Elliot impersonator and it really changes the effect the film should have. The little boy on the cover is truly the creepiest thing in the movie. The plot centers around Leonard, who comes to a mental institution to intern and not long after, alot of wierd things start to happen, like people dying and people seeing ghosts and stuff. Still, it wasn't a terrible movie, it just could have been something really frightening had it been done a little differently. It still gets *** out of *****.

Movie of the Week: Blade Trinity

In my opinion, one of the most successful comic book adaptions ever. This is the role Wesley Snipes was born to play. He is Blade. This, the third installment, has alot of the same elements that made the first two so kick ass--pulse pounding music, non-stop action,funny dialogue and great stunts and effects. The plot here was kind of hokey, with Dracula being brought back by a group of vampires with some diabolical plans, and it's up to Blade and his new friends who call themselves "The Nightstalkers" to stop them. The acting is typical over the top action film acting, with the WWE's Triple H showing us that he's no Rock. Parker Posey plays a mean looking vampire. Put this disc in and turn up the surround sound and you'll have a good time I guarantee it. Not as good as the second in the series, but still great fun. It gets **** out of *****.

Movie News

Joel Silver is set to produce the film version of Wonder Woman, with Joss Whedon writing the screenplay.

Will Farrell is going to star in a big screen version of The Land of the Lost. Hmm, I wonder who will play Chaka? Rosie O'Donnell?

Batman Begins will be opening a few days earlier than expected, apparently to take advantage of the out of school kids. It will now open nationwide on Wednesday, June 15th.

Hilary Swank's upcoming thriller The Reaping now has a director attached to it. Stephen Hopkins (Lost in Space) is the man according to Joel "I'm Everywhere" Silver.

Denzel Washington is returning to the sci-fi genre with Deja-vu. The film centers aroung an FBI agent (Denzel) who has the ability to travel back in time and ends up falling in love with a woman destined to be...yep...murdered.

Shrek 3 has a scheduled May 18, 2007 release date. Just in case you need to free up your date book.

Jerry Seinfeld and Renee Zellweger lend their voices to Dreamworks' animated Bee Movie. It is set to come out on November 2, 2007. Damn, I think I'm busy that day!

Apparently, IESB is reporting that George Lucas is going to start working on a Star Wars live action television series. They even have Kevin Smith attached to write and direct at least three episodes.