Saturday, May 17, 2008

DVD Review: The Mist

It's not a usual occurance that a Stephen King story is well represented on the screen. I mean, come on, Maximum Overdrive anyone? But, then again, some turn out pretty good, like Storm of the Century and The Shining. But perhaps none have been as eagerly anticipated as The Mist. I remember having a 3-D dramatization of the novella on audio cassette when I was younger and I was utterly enthralled with it, so I was excited to finally get to watch the film version, especially when it was directed by Frank Darabont, a King disciple to say the least.

I was pretty happy with how this film was made. The mist itself was ominous, the beasties were nasty and I really liked how the massive monsters were kept just out of sight in the dense mist. Once again, King allows us to realize just how fragile the human psyche is and how religious fervor can quickly get out of control in a tense situation. I thought the acting was pretty good, the cinematography well done and the effects effective. The scene with the small group making their way to the pharmacy was great!

While a horror movie at heart, the morale of The Mist makes it much larger in scope. The ending, as the cover says, is shocking and will probably leave many people upset, but hey, that's life. I give The Mist a clear **** out of *****.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

DVD Review: Cruel World

Well, if nothing else, they got the title right! Oh, what a cruel world it is that we have to have movies like Cruel World somehow make it onto DVD. Remember way back when Terminator 2 came out, how everyone was touting Edward Furlong as the next big thing in acting? Oh how the mighty have fallen! Eddie now hams it up on the direct-to-DVD circuit and let's face it, he makes Corbin Bernsen look like a top-notch thespian. Cruel World is based on an emotionally messed-up reject from a dating reality show ala The Bachelor. He in turn starts his own reality-based television show, where contestants start to drop like flies, including a cameo by Jaime Pressly. Does she really need this gig? Anyway, the movie sucks. The only thing I wish is that this do-or-die premise would be adapted in today's reality shows. Imagine two women battling to the death to win Flavor Flav's heart. YEAH BOIIIIII!!!!! Otherwise, Cruel World plays more like a cruel joke...on the viewer! 0 out of *****.