Friday, July 08, 2005

Movie Review: Batman Begins

This is the best Batman movie ever! Gone are all the colorful backdrops, stupid jokes, crappy big name actors and terrible scripts. This is how a Batman movie should look. Dark and dreary like the main character. Christopher Nolan directed a masterpiece here and Christian Bale really is the best Dark Knight yet. Also not to be forgotten is Michael Caine, as the butler Alfred. Everyone was casted wonderfully, even that goofy bastard's girlfriend wasn't bad. Even if you're not into superhero movies, I'd have to say you would like this movie. It's a very character driven drama. I give it ****1/2 out of *****.

DVD Review: Skinned Deep

Another offering from Fangoria's line of DVD's and for all intents and purposes, another stinker. The character on the box, called The Surgeon General is the only interesting character here. The plot has a family falling into the clutches of a sadistic family consisting of Mama, the Surgeon General, Plates (a plate flinging Warwick Davis), Brain, and The Creator. Brain actually has a gigantic brain sticking out the top of his head. Anyway, all the family members are killed except the teenage daughter, who Brain happens to fall in love with. The thing is, if you read the movie description, it's NOTHING that actually happens in the movie, I mean, you can bend it really out there to make it fit but come on! The only thing that can save this movie is watching it on the same night as Cold Grip! It gets * out of *****.

DVD Review: Black Cadillac

This is a flat out well made movie. The acting is top notch, with Randy Quaid turning in another memorable role. Based on a true story, the plot follows a Princeton football star, his little brother and his childhood friend as they trek across Minnesota heading home to Wisconsin after an all-nighter. After pissing off some locals at a roadhouse bar, the boys are harassed on their drive by a mysterious Black Cadillac. Even after picking up a stranded cop (Quaid), the terror continues. This is a much better movie than Joy Ride, Detour or Monster Man. I give it **** out of *****.

DVD Review: Cold Grip

Holy Mama, don't watch this crapper! It sucks. Plain and simple, it's not worth the film stock it was filmed on. A woman with HIV stalks her victims at the airport and after a night with them, she leaves them the bad news on their mirror. Well, one guy's just not going to let her get away with it! 0 out of *****. Yeah, it's so crappy, Skinned Deep was actually looking better and better the longer this movie ran!

DVD Review: Ghost Lake

When I saw this movie was being released, I had high hopes that it was going to be good. Well, it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't as good as it could have been. Too many times while watching this I was muttering "What the hell is going on?", and that's never a good thing when it comes to horror movies. The movie follows a young woman whose parents died while she was out getting it on with some guy and she tries to escape her guilt by going to her parent's cabin. Nothing or no-one is what it seems at the old lake. What follows is a cock-a-mamie plot massacre. The film said it runs 111 minutes on the box, but in reality it ran well over 130 minutes, and boy it felt like it! Unfortunately, the best part of the disc is the "making of" portion, it was actually entertaining. The movie gets ** out of *****.