Friday, June 03, 2005

Movie Review: Hero

I've been wanting to see this film for quite some time now, and I finally sat down long enough to watch it on Starz! On Demand through my cable company. Jet Li was brilliant as the stone faced hero known simply as "Nameless". The fight scenes were absolutely amazing and beautiful, like a ballet with swords. There's more twists in this movie to keep you thinking through it. It's amazing to think that this was filmed like two years before it was released here in the States and the effects and choreography excel over alot of what is being produced even today. The scenery is breathtaking to behold and the sequence with the leaves is unreal. Even with having to read the subtitles, I was entertained. I give Hero **** out of *****.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

DVD Review: Devon's Ghost: Legend of the Bloody Boy

If only this movie was a legend and not the crappy reality it truly was! I've had alot of people inquire about this movie on my site, so I thought I had better check it out. I wish I hadn't. The only thing about this movie that was entertaining was the fact that Devon could swing a bat like a mutha. There are guys in the pros that can't swing like this guy. Other than that the movie is pointless, plotless, funless, frightless and poopy. Acting is bad, especially when the only noted actor is a former Power Ranger (and that bastard goes into Power Ranger karate mode WAY too much in this film). If you're afraid of ghosts coming to get you, then the logic of this film is that ghosts can be stopped by only one way...KARATE! Devon kills everyone he sees, unless foiled by the ancient art. Do yourself a favor, skip this crappy movie and use the time for more useful things like learning KARATE! * out of *****.

Comic Review: Friday The 13th

Avatar Press is releasing a new line of comics based on some old familiar faces this summer. The first one, as you can see is none other than Jason...Mr. Voorhees if your nasty. The other two series follow the exploits of Freddy and Leatherface. All three comics pick up the action from when we last saw our heroes...I mean villains (ahem). Jason is still stalking Camp Crystal Lake and demolishing anyone who gets in his way. This comic plays out like a twenty minute Friday the 13th movie on speed. It's all in here, from the naked teens to visceral kills, no one gets nookie if the J-Man is around! The action is bloody and explosive and bloody. Did I mention this comic was bloody? Any fan worth their salt will want to pick these up. The artwork is great, and who knows, the set may be worth something someday. By the way, these are not for kids, so keep them away from them. Other than that, what are you waiting for, go grab it before it sells out! The comic gets **** out if *****.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Horror/Sci-Fi DVD Releases for 5/31

Blood on the Sun / Time of Your Life
The Butchers
Chronicle of the Raven
Classic Monster Flicks
The Corpse Vanishes / The Invisible Ghost
Dark Shadows Collection 18
House on Haunted Hill / Bat
Snake People / Sabaka
Soft for Digging
Space Daze: Triple Feature
The Tomorrow People: Set 1

Boogeyman's on tap from Netflix, there's a bunch of double feature discs of previously released fare, some TV show releases and a few B-Movies. Not that bad a week if you ask me.

DVD Review: Malevolence

I heard alot of mixed things about this one. I was nervous at first because the acting and filming was a little poor in the beginning, but being that it took two years to film this, the acting and directing vastly improved as the movie rolled on. Malevolence pays homage to alot of older horror movies including Texas Chainsaw and most evidently Halloween. A group of bank robbers pull off their heist and plan to meet at an abandoned safe house. One thief winds up carjacking a mother and daughter and pulls them into the mix. What they don't know is the slaughterhouse down the road is home to a sadistic killer. What comes next is standard slasher chase fare, but it's entertaining enough. The music is typical 70's slash with it adding hugely to alot of the jumpy scenes. After all the crappy horror movies I've seen lately, Malevolence comes as a brief respite, good but not great. I'll give it ***1/2 out of *****.

DVD Review: Open Water

Ask anyone what their top ten most horrible ways to die would be and i guarantee a majority will say "eaten by a shark" somewhere near the top. Open Water is based on true events, and let me tell you, it's made me swear off deep sea diving forever. A busy couple finally gets to take a vacation and they opt to go to a tropical paradise. Everything is going great and then they sign up for a deep sea diving charter. The underwater shots are beautiful and everything is hunky dorey. Then good old human error makes a cameo and next thing you know, the charter leaves and the couple is still under water. They rise to the surface to see the boat way off in the distance, too far away to reach. What happens next is an account of true human terror, stranded in the middle of the ocean, no help in sight. The couple goes through some horrible experiences with jellyfish and other baddies, but we all know where the true threat comes from! And they show spades! It's a totally depressing movie, but one that stays with you and makes you think. Like I said, those charters won't be seeing any of my money! Very impressive for a low budget indie, and the actors were indeed very brave. I give it *** out of *****.