Sunday, December 31, 2006

DVD Review: See No Evil

See No Evil brings yet another WWE wrestler into the horror genre with The Big Red Machine, also known as Kane, starring in this slasher flick. I have to say, he's a perfect fit for this role. As Jacob Goodnight, Kane turns out as ruthless and violent a villain as I've seen in recent years. The way he smacks the one girl into the door frame as he's carrying her out of the room made my heart leap with joy. Finally a killer to be taken seriously! Kane's nearly wordless performance was spot on, even if everyone else in the film was annoying. The story follows a group of juveniles that have to clean up and repair an old hotel as part of their punishment. Unbenknownst to them, somebody is living in the dilapidated hotel. Oh yeah, it turns out the man in charge of the juveniles is none other than the old cop who lost his hand to Goodnight years prior. Yeah, it does sound silly, but believe me, it's fun to watch and you forget about the little annoyances when Kane's a-killin. A nice little slasher flick to warm up to on a chilly night with Kane more than making up for Triple H's disastrous role in Blade 3! I give See No Evil **** out of *****.