Monday, February 11, 2008

DVD Review: Boogeyman 2

Ghosthouse rolls out the second installment in its Boogyman franchise and while it's definitely better than the first, it still has a way to go. Boogeyman 2 features the talent of one Tobin Bell, who is better known as Jigsaw in the Saw films and while his acting is good, it's not really that far of a stretch for the actor. Here's what I liked about this film: the "boogeyman" was a little more effective in this film, expecially since it wasn't a CGI character, there were a few "jump" instances and the sound was quite good. Plus, the plot was a little better this time around, although it's not what you would call robust.

The plot follows a brother and sister, who watched as their parents were brutally murdered when they were young. After the brother finally gets out of the psychiatric hospital, his sister decides to go in to fight her fear of the boogeyman. Unfortunately, it looks like the boogeyman followed her in and one by one, people start to die.

The characters in this film are all rather annoying and you really don't feel too bad when they bite the dust. Boogeyman 2 plays like a cross between Boogeyman and the Freddy Krueger films, and while it doesn't really work, it was at least watchable. There is a third Boogeyman in the works, so it will be interesting to see if it can advance on the series the way this one did on the first. As for Boogeyman 2, I give it **1/2 out of *****.