Monday, January 14, 2008

DVD Review: I'll Bury You Tomorrow

This much I now know. Alan Rowe Kelly is a genius. Hey, I'm not just saying that because I loved The Blood Shed (read the review HERE) and I was also granted a great interview him (click HERE to read it). I'm saying it because I just watched his first movie, I'll Bury You Tomorrow, and for a first-time director, it was very, very good. Why? How about the fact that even though it took three years to complete, the film is seamless. How about the fact that he has actors in his films who quite simply are amazing. Or, how about the fact that his films have a professional look, sound and feel to them that you simply don't get from many other independent films. I'll Bury You Tomorrow features a brilliant cast - Katherine O'Sullivan, Zoe Daelman Chlanda and perhaps most noteworthy, Jerry Murdock, as he takes on the challenge of dual characters effortlessly.

The plot follows a young, mysterious woman who takes on a job at a small town funeral home. To say that she has some skeletons in the closet is an understatement! Anyway, here's what ensues - corpse stealing, black market organ selling, murder, high drama and oh yeah, necrophilia. No, Alan Rowe Kelly doesn't play by the rules. In fact, this little independent thriller even breaks the rules by clocking in at a minute shy of two hours! I have to admit, while watching this film, I was transported back to the glory days of campy horror. The tone of the film, the angles, the acting, the design, the Hitchcock-esque score - they're all indicative of an Alan Rowe Kelly film. Watch this film very closely and you will quietly see a great filmmaker being born right before your eyes. I give I'll Bury You Tomorrow **** out of *****.