Sunday, June 24, 2007

Book Review: Offspring by Jack Ketchum

Good old Jack Ketchum! Just when you can really use an uplifting tale of love regained, Jack rears his leg back and kicks you right in the ass! Oh man, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Offspring takes us back to the Maine coastline where the tragic events in Off Season occurred. Ketchum's family of cannibalistic sadistic children return, with new members and new skills. Ten years have passed since the nightmare portrayed in Off Season, and everything has been quiet in the town of Dead River, Maine. However, things are going to be getting very messy, very soon! The story once again follows the events of a single day - May 12, 1992 - and Jack really knows how to fill out 24 hours! With brutally realistic violence, this book is not for everyone. But if you've had the pleasure of reading Off Season, you will want to read this book. Nobody conveys violence on the page like Jack Ketchum! This book is a visceral treat for the lover of horror. It's deadly fast paced and you'll probably finish it in one sitting. Do yourself a favor - read Offspring - if you have the guts! Absolutely ***** out of *****.