Monday, November 28, 2005

DVD Review: Doll Graveyard

I told you I was a Full Moon fan. Another in a seemingly endless number of "doll" movies from Charles Band, but this was at least more in the vein of a Full Moon movie. Band's movies just don't have the creativity, or the gore for that matter, that they had in days gone by. This was unrated, but could have easily been PG-13. The plot is of course-demonic dolls return to find vengeance. The direction was good and the sound was good, even the story was decent for a Full Moon feature but the execution of the final product lacked oomph. Doll Graveyard doesn't come close to the Puppetmaster series or Demonic Toys. Oh, how I yearn for the Full Moon of old, the makers of Subspecies, Netherworld, hell, even Doctor Mordrid was better than anything they put out recently. I give it ** out of *****.

DVD Review: Ice Queen

Ugh, I don't know, this one sucked. The premise was good, the effects for a b-grade movie were decent, but something about this movie just didn't do it for me. Maybe it was the constant roaring of the Ice Queen, who never shut up or maybe it was the idiotic love triangle or the fact that there's a killer monster on the loose and nobody really seems to care. A scientific discovery is hijacked and stolen (the discovery being the Ice Queen) and after some technological breakdowns, she awakens in the airplane and causes it to crash at a ski resort, causing an avalanche that isolates the resort. The owner is a former drunk, so when he calls 911, nobody listens to him. The Ice Queen then runs around the resort yelling and killing the few people that are there. This one should have never left the freezer. *1/2 out of *****.