Saturday, June 05, 2010

Movie Review: A Far Cry From Home

Holy moly! Where do I begin? A Far Cry From Home is the latest short film from the magnificent Allan Rowe Kelly and it's one of four films included in the Gallery of Fear horror anthology created by Kelly and Anthony G. Sumner. And what a film it is!

A Far Cry From Home centers on a young, gay couple (played by Kelly and Don Money) who stop at a creepy antiques store while taking a shortcut through the wooded backroads of New Jersey. Unbeknown to the couple, the place is inhabited by a family of uber-Christian hillbillies with a severe hatred for people of alternative lifestyles.

Expertly acted, brilliantly paced and incredibly brutal and thought-provoking, A Far Cry From Home is not only Kelly's best film yet, but one can only imagine the havoc he could wreck with a larger budget. This film, small budget aside, has some of the most amazing environments and blood-soaked effects of any independent film I've ever seen.

As usual, this film shares many of the traits of previous Kelly films, like The Blood Shed and I'll Bury You Tomorrow, including expert cinematography, a spine-tingling soundtrack and a stellar cast. In fact, Jerry Murdock puts so much into his character, I have to believe he went home physically and mentally exhausted at the end of each day of filming.

A Far Cry From Home is intense and definitely packs a punch. The film is a testament to what people of alternative lifestyles have to deal with from close-minded people (who happen to make up the vast majority these days). While over-the-top and wrapped in a horror movie setting, it's definitely a statement of the times. Bravo, Alan for having the guts to make this film... and for making it so damn good!

A Far Cry From Home gets ***** out of *****. Check out the trailer below!