Friday, February 25, 2005

Rejects get a Raise

Rob Zombie's "The Devil's Rejects" will be in theaters sooner than expected and as Martha would say, "That's a good thing". Originally slated to open up on August 12th, it will now be seen on July 22nd. Lion's Gate Films apparently wanted to get some distance between it's film and the other horror films due to come out in a horror rich August, like Doom, Dark Water and The Cave.

Stephen King Updates

What's the man been up to lately? Well, here's the scoop from his official website. Desperation is in postproduction and getting finalized for the May broadcast premiere. The Talisman is in preproduction for a reportedly 2005 release. Bag of Bones has been optioned for the film treatment but so far no updates on how that's going. Eyes of the Dragon is in production by a French outfit, it's going to be animated and there is no release date yet. A new short story "The Things They Left Behind" will appear in a new anthology titled Transgressions. So all in all, things have been pretty busy in the man's life. Let's face it, too much King is never enough.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Horror/SciFi DVD Releases for 3/1

Exorcist: The Beginning
Alien Lockdown
Code: The Complete Series by Carl Munck
Creepers/Me and The Mob
Dr. Who: The Visitation
Fright Fest
Incident at Loch Ness
Lost in Space: Season Three Volume One
Mysterious Miracles: The World Beyond Death
The Nightmaster/Ted & Venus
The Occult History of the Third Reich
Psychic Spies: Remote Viewing
Rameses: Wrath of God or Man
Sasquatch Science: Searching for Bigfoot
The Sci Fi Triple Feature
The Sci-Fi Set
Terror Night

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Book Review: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

I absolutely loved this book.It's been a long time since anything (T.V., movies, books, etc.) made me laugh out loud the way this book did.The writing was brilliant, the footnotes hilarious, and the seance sequence had me in stitches. This book came out a few years ago and I just never got around to buying it, then a couple of weeks ago I saw it at the used book shop and snatched it up cheap. I have a stack of new books to read and I just happened to start this while I was reading another book and what can I say except that other book was gathering dust while I tore through this one. This book is a hilarious take on Armageddon, when the antichrist baby is accidentally switched with another baby at the hospital, and the angel and demon who are heaven and hell's earth represenatives discover they actually like the human race and don't want the end to come. The book is British comedy, so if you like Monty Python, you'll love this. Read this book, if you don't laugh, you must be dead. Rumors are there is a movie in the works, and if that's true, then I'm excited as long as they keep it true to the book and don't wreck it hollywood style.This book rocks! ***** out of *****!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2005

DVD Review: Saw

I hate Hollywood and this is a main reason why. I was excited to see this movie. The trailer on the internet was intense and showed alot of promise. The movie in the end, ultimately sucked! The acting was lousy, the atmosphere was boring and the ending was retarted. This movie couldn't have been made by a genre fan, there are just too many ways this could and should have been better. I have to say I was expecting something gruesome and really intense and what I got was bland and pitiful. Cary Elwes looked as though he never acted before and he's not the only one, Danny Glover? You did better work ten years ago! It's really a shame movies like this get made when it seems like no one checks the final proof. I just can't see this film getting good reviews at the test screenings, but what do I know, I gave them my rental money. The real ticket is that they're making a sequel to this thing. In case you don't know by now, I didn't like this movie. And now Hollywood has gone and broken my heart again by promising me something different and new and instead gave me crap on a plate. At least when I watch crappy B-movies you don't expect them to be great, but when you find one that is, boy is that a treat. Oh well, what can you do, you can't change Hollywood. ** out of *****.