Friday, July 29, 2005

DVD Review: Devour

Warning, Warning! When a cover of a DVD is all red, stay away, stay away! Just like Cursed, this movie sucks! Both covers are all red. Coincidence? I think not! This crapfest was like watching Dawson's Creek with a little satanism thrown in. The emotions, the sound, the filming. Everything felt like I was watching a teen drama on television. When kids start playing a computer game called "The Pathway", it starts taking over their life, telling them to kill people and then themselves. Unbeknownst to them, it was created by a satanist! And they're being possessed by Lucifer himself! Oh no! Why am I watching this crap?! Pass on this one, please. May the director of this never work again! 0 out of *****.

DVD Review: Tremors 4-The Legend Begins

Just as the title says, this is the beginning of the long running Tremors series. The only problem is they never say where the worms came from! They were just there all of a sudden. Besides that little snafu, the film was entertaining. I've always liked the Tremors films, some more than others, but they are all fun, and this one fits right in. Here, we find out the original name of the town was "Rejection" and up at the silver mine, people are dying. When no one will enter the mine, the town starts to shut down. The owner of the mine (Michael Gross) comes to town to find out what's happening and upon finding out about the killer worms, hires a gunman (Billy Drago) to take care of them. I must say Drago is great in his role as Black Hand Kelly. This is a good little flick without all the computer generated monsters that ruin alot of films. Nicely shot and acted, when a series gets into it's third sequel, they rarely have the quality that this one does. I give it ***1/2 out of *****.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Movie Review: The Devil's Rejects

Best film of the year hands down! What Rob Zombie accomplishes in only his second feature film is absolutely mesmerizing. He takes the most foul, mean, low down and dirty group of miscreants known to man and makes you fall in love with them. I liked House of 1000 Corpses, but this sequel blows it away. I didn't want the movie to end. It's a shame popular Hollywood refuses to acknowledge this genre because both Bill Moseley and Sid Haig deliver award worthy performances. Their facial expressions alone convey more than most actors can with a book full of dialogue. This film picks up where House left off, the Firefly family coming under attack by the police and Otis and Baby escaping to hook up with Captain Spaulding. A sherriff obsessed with revenging his brother's murder is shadowing them the entire time and he takes to extreme measures to extract his revenge. I can't convey how good this film is, Rob Zombie is the man! It gets ***** out of *****. It's about time a movie delivered the goods!