Friday, November 25, 2005

CD of the Month (November): Werewolf Order by Shadow Reichenstein

Got his little black beauty in my mailbox the other day and haven't stopped listening to it since. An unbelievable piece of horror-rock if there ever was one. The songs are crisp and perfectly produced. Shadow does an incredible job of summoning Bela Lugosi. It's about time Halloween got its own music and It's Halloween is the perfect tune for it. The lyrics are ghoulishly fun with the music a little harder here than on their last cd. My only beef is that they included an updated version of a song (Be My Victim) from their debut. A minor snag in an otherwise perfect coffin lining. ****1/2 out of *****.

Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Despite all of the things left out from the book, this is still the best one of the lot. Plenty of action, intrigue and eye-candy for any movie fan. Harry's getting older and so are his freinds so there's plenty of hormonal problems going on here. Throw in the Tri-Wizard Tournament and the return of Voldemort and we've got ourselves a winner. Beautifully directed, wonderfully acted and perfectly scored, this movie keeps you going well past the two-hour mark. The absolute greatest thing about this franchise is the fact that they keep the same actors for the same roles, something that's rarely done. They are also able to snag some really great actors for the bit parts. Order of the Pheonix just can't get made quick enough! Highly recommended. ****1/2 out of *****.

DVD Review: The Gingerdead Man

That's it! Call the coroner and toe-tag me, I'm dead! Full Moon Studios have put out some bad films over the years, but this one takes the cookie. From a studio that can make masterpieces (Subspecies, Castle Freak) when they want to, this is just a bad, bad movie. Not even Gary Busey's thespian masterwork can save it. Didn't he get nominated for an Oscar once? Oh how low we fall, first Celebrity Fit Club and now The Gingerdead Man! Busey plays a killer who goes to the electric chair and happens to return from the dead as a killer cookie. That's all you need to know, the rest of the story doesn't mean a thing. If Charles Band wants to save his company, he'd better hire Ted Nicolau back and put out some higher quality stuff. 0 out of *****. And I'm a die-hard Full Moon fan!

DVD Review: Jack O'Lantern

What did I do to deserve this? I watched this crapper over Halloween weekend and it took me this long to write a review about it. You see, I've been in the toilet throwing my guts up and gouging my eyes out since then! Never before have I seen someone die by being run off the road, and hitting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The front end is smashed up and there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in front of the damn thing. Anyway, the result of the ghost wreck is the dad is killed and the son is left brain damaged. Then a mysterious pumpkin is left on the boy's porch and when he goes to carve it, there's blood in it and somehow he gets possessed by something and he turns into a big pumpkin man, or something like that. It's even more funny watching the making of because everyone is saying how great the movie is. They must have been high. Another one of these and I just may kill myself! 0 out of *****.

DVD Review: Blue Demon

Holy Mama, simply put, Blue Demon is one of the lousiest movies I've ever had the displeasure of watching! For everyone that reads my reviews, you know that's really saying something because I watch some stinkers! A scientific team creates a group of "smarter and deadlier" great white sharks that they're able to control, all of them except a particular nasty one called "red dog". Never mind the fact that just about everyone that comes into contact with these man-eaters are able to walk away before they get attacked! There's only 3 deaths in this entire crapfest! Oh yeah, the sharks escape the laboratory, oh no look out, blah blah blah. Included in this masterful piece of crap is a stunning performance by Jeff Fahey (by stunning, I mean laughably bad). Forget the sharks, this movie will kill you! 0 out of *****.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Just a note to let you know some new reviews will be up very soon. Some of the DVD titles are Blue Demon, Jack-O-Lantern, Werewolf Hunter and a few others. Don't forget to keep an eye out for the November CD of the month. It's been a tough choice this month, but I think I have a winner, so stay tuned. Other than that, thanks for the nice words about the site, don't eat too much turkey and Stay Scared!

P.S.-Don't forget, the Davies are right around the corner and the list of nominees is shaping up nicely, they'll be posted next month!