Thursday, June 09, 2005

DVD Review: The Grudge

Well ,this being the PG-13 version of the film, I was thinking it would be lame and not so scary. I was wrong. The filmakers did a great job of bringing the shivers and keeping this film within that ratings section. The little kids are downright spooky and totally make the movie. As far as Sarah Michelle Gellar, she was good, but anyone could have played that part, realistically. The audio was creepy and the scene with the security camera footage was goosebump inducing. The Production company, Ghost House, has done it right with their first picture and I am very excited about their future projects, the next of which is Boogeyman, which I intend to watch this weekend. The movie follows Gellar's character as she heads to a house to take care of an invalid woman and finds out there is something in the house that's just plain evil. The Japanese believe that if someone dies a horrible death, there is a curse laid upon the place. Gellar tries to find out the truth of what's happening and comes face to face with the evil! This film should definitely be watched at night with the lights off, guaranteed to chill. The Grudge gets a spooky **** out of *****.

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