Wednesday, June 22, 2005

DVD Review: Cursed

Could this movie possibly be as bad as all the reviews said it was? I had to find out for myself. And for once, everybody was right. It's hard to find a topic that everyone can agree on, but everyone can agree that this movie sucks. I even watched the unrated version and it was lousy. I don't know what they could have possibly cut out because there was absolutely nothing in this movie. Not for nothing, but Joshua Jackson should have stayed in Dawson's Creek, I don't care if they're not filming it anymore, he should go back. He's terrible in this movie. And to make matters worse, the werewolf is the gayest looking creature in the world, it looks like it was created by Sigfreid and Roy! I don't want to waste any more time on this one, so I give it 0 out of *****. For those keeping count, that's three crappers in a row.

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