Sunday, June 19, 2005

DVD Review: Alien Vs. Predator

After the debacle of Freddy Vs. Jason, you'd think that the producers of AvP would have tried their damnedest to make a great movie featuring two of SciFi's greatest characters. Unfortunately, I don't think Hollywood really cares if people like the movie as long as they get crowds on opening weekend. What we have here is a film that could have been great but ends up being a disappointment. The new Predator outfits are lousy looking. They look huge and immobile, not like the catlike movements they had in the original. The Aliens are still cool looking though. The plot is totally stupid. Supposedly, the Predator's came here centuries ago and taught early humans technology and in return, we worshiped them. Then the Predators were using humans as hosts for their favorite hunt, the Aliens. After the Aliens over take the Predators, a failsafe destroys everything and it all goes into remission. Only after some human explorers happen to re-awaken the temple, the two baddies enter into war again. Totally stupid! There's even a Ripley wanna-be who couldn't hold Ripley's socks. Hopefully Hollywood never again tempts us with two great franchises going against each other because so far they're 0-2. I give it ** out of *****.

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