Saturday, May 21, 2005

DVD Review: Spiderman 2

Well, it took ages for me to get to it but I finally sat down long enough to check out Spiderman 2. I have to say, having seen Hellboy before this didn't help matters. I liked the movie, but like I said, Hellboy took the superhero movie to a whole new level. I still find the Spiderman series a little too cartoony. The Green Goblin in the first one was terrible, and while Doc Ock was a big upgrade, it just didn't feel threatening. The fight scene on the train was impressive and I did like the Peter Parker hero/regular life dilemma, as well as Doc Ock's own struggles but it was James Franco as Harry Osborn that really stood out in this film. I sure hope he returns for the third. Having said all that, the movie was a little slow and drawn out at times, but it's still heads and shoulders above most other superhero films except Hellboy, of course, and the X-Men series. I tend to like my heroes a tad on the darker side. I'm hoping with the impending addition of Venom to the third, that we get to see a darker side to this series. All in all, not great, but it was good enough to relax and veg out to. It gets ***1/2 out of *****.

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