Friday, May 20, 2005

DVD Review: Darkness

This is going to be half a review because I could only sit through half of this terrible movie. This is one of the slowest moving movies I've ever seen, and as far as the unrated version...I didn't see anything to warrant that...maybe unwatchable, but not unrated. Everything about this film sucks- the acting, the score, the script, the film it was shot on, etc.. It basically plays out like a poor man's Amityville Horror. Family moves into a house, the dad starts to curse and act strangely (I hope my kids don't see it or I'm in trouble!) and only Anna Paquin has the foresight to see something's wrong. The movie is supposed to take place in Spain and I didn't know Spain was the rain capital of the world, at least that's what you'd think watching this. They could have rehydrated the Mojave if they didn't waste it on this film! If you want darkness, sit in a closet and close the door--don't get it from here. Another first--it gets 0 out of *****.

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