Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Movie Quick Bits

Michael Bay and Stephen Spielberg are teaming up to bring The Transformers to the big screen. Let's wait and see if it will be "More than meets the eye!"

Ryan Reynolds, hot off the Amityville remake and Blade: Trinity, is being courted to play the lead in the upcoming big screen version of DC's The Flash. He also reportedly turned down a chance to reteam with Jessica Biel in the Blade spinoff, Nightstalkers.

Frank Langella is replacing Hugh Laurie (TV's House) as Perry White in the upcoming Superman Returns. Apparently, Laurie's House filming conflicted with the movie's filming schedule.

Famke Janssen will return to X-Men 3, along with Hugh Jackman. Halle Berry, Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are expected to return, but nothing is definite as of now.

After making 75 million domestically and 114 million from foriegn moviegoers, it's no surprise that Garfield 2 is preparing to be made with Tim Hill to direct again.

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