Sunday, April 10, 2005

DVD Review: Goth

I can't believe I just sat through this entire movie. The acting was deplorable, unimaginable, unconstitutional, unreliable, incouragable, and bad. This stinker follows a young goth couple out clubbing, when low and behold, they meet a girl named Goth. By the looks of her, she should have been named Schnozola! Goth turns out to be one tough chick as she kicks anyone's ass she happens to come across. Her goal is to teach the couple what it really means to be goth (If you're wondering what goth is, don't watch this movie). Bad things happen to old women with big saggy boobs in this film, so veiwer (I hope not) beware! If you're constipated and the suppositories or ex-lax aren't getting it done, then I whole-heartedly recommend Goth. If you're regular, then skip it. It gets * out of *****.

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