Sunday, April 10, 2005

DVD Review: Suburban Nightmare

Well, after watching this DVD from Shock-O-Rama Pictures I'd have to say that the goriest thing about this film is it's cover. It was a real surprise to me that this was a Shock-O-Rama picture because it actually had decent acting, writing and cinematography and it didn't have all the hokey effects and gore they are well known for. The film centers around a young married couple who just happen to be serial killers. As their relationship begins to unwind, they're killer tendencies start to pop up, at each other. It's a dialogue driven movie, as there is little action until near the end, but that's ok because even though you signed up for a gorefest, you find yourself wanting to know what's going to happen to these two. The main characters play their parts believably, and deliver some realistic actions and reactions. The film doesn't work as a horror film but does work on a character study level. I give it **1/2 out of *****, would have got ***, but I don't like being fooled by the box art.

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