Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CD Review: Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending by Die So Fluid

When you first lay your eyes on Grog, the lead singer of Die So Fluid, you'll be mesmerized. Then, when you hear her voice, you'll have your ass handed to you bloody and beaten. How in the world a girl who looks like that can sound the way she does is beyond me but I'll tell you one thing -- I'm glad she does, because I've just found a favorite new band!

Hailing from London, England, this trio is as powerful a band as you'll ever hear. Every note is absolute perfection on this, their sophomore disc. Here, Grog and her bandmates, Mr. Drew and Al Fletcher, bring rock and roll to an entirely new level. I know I may be gushing, but it's not often one hears something utterly new and remarkable. From the crunching opening track, "Gang of One" to the final, title track, the listener is taken on an audio journey of pounding rythyms, driving guitars and awe-inspiring vocals. My personal faves are the epic "Vorvolaka" and the brilliant track, "The Kiss and Then The Kick." I can't say it enough, listen to this band, get this CD and welcome to the beginning of something special. What's even better? Die So Fluid is currently on tour in the U.S., so check them out live if you possibly can. I give Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending ***** out of *****. If you need more pursuasion to check them out, their video for the single, "Existential Baby" is below.

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