Tuesday, December 09, 2008

DVD Review: Bikini Bloodbath Carwash

Hmmm...bikinis, carwashes and bloodbaths? YES! The gang over at Bloodbath Pictures once again set out to titilate their audience with a second helping of boobs, bad words and blood and I, for one, couldn't be happier for it! In BBB2, Chef Death is accidentally raised from the dead to once again wreak havoc on a group of rather old-looking teens. The makers of this film really took on their sequel with vigor -- twice as many boobs in the opening sequence, twice as much Debbie Rochon and twice as much dancing!

Let's be honest, the dancing could have been cut down a bit, but I have to admit that the image of a blond-wig-wearing Russ Russo doing a frenetic breakdancing routine is forever etched on my retinas. And the homage to Michael Jackson's "Beat it!" was simply genius!

With more references to classic horror films (Aliens, Jaws and more) than you can shake a cleaver at, Bikini Bloodbath Carwash is just plain fun to watch. And Debbie Rochon rocks! Gather up a few friends, grab a few kegs and enjoy this film. In the words of Ms. Rochon, "Get me a beer, bitch!" BBB2 carves up **** out of *****.

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