Friday, May 06, 2005

DVD Review: Starkweather

I had high hopes for this movie and boy, were they squashed! You can probably guess what the plot is, it's basically a portrayal of the Starkweather murders back in the 50's and from what I understand, the film stays pretty true to the facts. However, the director of this thing must have been high during the editing because the damn boom mic is in almost ten scenes! Seriously, every time there is an inside scene between two actors, the mic can be seen at the top of the screen, sometimes the entire mic makes an appearance. It should have recieved an acting credit! It's a shame too because the actors did a decent job (except everyone on the police squad) and it could have been alot better. It's almost like it was filmed by two different guys, some shots were beautifully crafted and shot and then others are just plain amateurish. The movie gets a measly ** out of *****.

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