Monday, May 02, 2005

Movie of the Week: Blade Trinity

In my opinion, one of the most successful comic book adaptions ever. This is the role Wesley Snipes was born to play. He is Blade. This, the third installment, has alot of the same elements that made the first two so kick ass--pulse pounding music, non-stop action,funny dialogue and great stunts and effects. The plot here was kind of hokey, with Dracula being brought back by a group of vampires with some diabolical plans, and it's up to Blade and his new friends who call themselves "The Nightstalkers" to stop them. The acting is typical over the top action film acting, with the WWE's Triple H showing us that he's no Rock. Parker Posey plays a mean looking vampire. Put this disc in and turn up the surround sound and you'll have a good time I guarantee it. Not as good as the second in the series, but still great fun. It gets **** out of *****.

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