Monday, May 02, 2005

DVD Review: Madhouse

It's a shame really, that a movie has so much potential, so much capability, and it refuses to take advantage of it. Madhouse has everything you would want in a horror film--setting, atmosphere, disturbing images and haunting figures, but they just can't get it together to make it work well. I hate to say it but Joshua Leonard, the lead actor, looks like a bad Cris Elliot impersonator and it really changes the effect the film should have. The little boy on the cover is truly the creepiest thing in the movie. The plot centers around Leonard, who comes to a mental institution to intern and not long after, alot of wierd things start to happen, like people dying and people seeing ghosts and stuff. Still, it wasn't a terrible movie, it just could have been something really frightening had it been done a little differently. It still gets *** out of *****.

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