Thursday, April 21, 2005

Movie of the Week: Tremors

This solid, fast paced film from 1990 re-issued the creature feature back into cineplexes all across America. The movie practically came out of nowhere and soon the buzz was out that this little movie was a decent and fun homage to the 50's giant bug films. Starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, it's a combination action/horror/comedy and the two leads work really well off of each other. Michael Gross (TV's Family Ties) and Reba McEntire turn in great performances as the survivalist couple. The story's about a small desert town's desperate fight for survival against a group of gigantic, blood-thirsty tunneling worms. No CGI used here, strictly animatronics and it works for this one. Over the top acting, lots of action, clever writing and a great monster are the reasons why Tremors is the Movie of the Week and also why it gets **** out of *****.

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