Saturday, April 23, 2005

DVD Review: Dead Birds

Now this is why I love B-Movies! This diamond in the rough has good acting, good setting, good music and good directing. It's about a group of bankrobbers in the 1800's, led by Henry Thomas(E.T.), who hide out in an old dilapidated colonial house in the middle of a cornfield. There's something in the house with them and it's not a maid! I like to talk about the atmosphere a film has and this one has atmosphere in spades! The use of sound effects, the lightning and rain storming outside, the music and the distrust of the robbers add up to an unbelievable amount to tension that just builds and builds. The movie unfolds itself as it plays along, it's not a fast paced movie, but a slow, arduous journey into terror. There's a sense of palpable dread hanging in every corner of the spooky old house and the fleeting images of the creatures are simply terrifying. It's a shame that a great spookfest like this can't get released in theaters but films like Alone in the Dark gets huge distribution. Says something about the Hollywood big wigs making the decisions doesn't it? Director Alex Turner gives us a real treat with Dead Birds and I anxiously await his next film. I was truly impressed with this movie and give it ****1/2 out of *****.

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