Tuesday, March 29, 2005

DVD Review: The Hazing

Every once in a while you come across a movie that shouldn't be considered good, but ultimately, it turns out to be ok. That happens to be the case with The Hazing. It starts out like any run of the mill B-movie with a group of twentysomethings being set on a treasure hunt for certain items and then they must spend the night in a haunted mansion, all to gain entry into their frat/sorority. The house is rigged by the frats/sors to appear haunted. One of the treasure hunt missions goes awry and Brad Dourif's character (who's very evil) gets critically injured. While he is in the hospital, his spirit wrecks havoc among the coeds at the mansion because they took his evil book. Yeah, I know you're wondering how this could have been passed over by the Oscars, but the film has some enjoyable moments. Dourif is extremely over the top and whoever gets possessed by his spirit acts accordingly. And the makeup on said actors is hilarious, I hope it was meant to be. All in all, not a barnburner but fun nonetheless. I'll give The Hazing *** out of *****.

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