Thursday, February 07, 2008

Short Film Review: The Pod

Jeremiah Kipp's well-received short film The Pod came across my desk the other day and I have to say, once I watched it, I immediately had to watch it again. The film has been making its way on the indie movie circuit and has been granted many good reviews and has even been selected as One of the 10 Best Unseen Films of 2006 by Film Threat, so needless to say, my interest was piqued.

My first reaction was, "This isn't a horror film." But once you let the film set in, you begin to realize the layers and the complexities that the film encompasses. It is only then that you realize, while it's not horror in the traditional sense, it is horror on an emotional level. The Pod stays with you long after the 19 minutes are up and it's one of those films that can instigate some good movie conversations.

As for the plot, the film follows the crumbling relationship of Caroline and Jonas. In an act of desperation to regain their connection, Jonas purchases a dose of the new relationship drug, the pod. The only thing is, you can't take the drug separately from your lover. If you do, look out. Needless to say, Jonas does.

The film is masterfully directed by Kipp, and he increases the tension with each passing minute. In addition, his actors do their jobs perfectly. Especially noteworthy was the performance of Mary Remington, who played the character Caroline with ruthless abandon. Another thing about the film that struck me as significant was that the film's soundtrack was absolutely perfect. At times hectic and crazy, it totally set the mood for the film without you even knowing it.

This is a short film that I can definitely see being expanded into a feature-length film at some time. I think that the premise is excellent to support it, and I would definitely welcome another dose of The Pod. I give it ****1/2 out of *****.

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