Tuesday, February 05, 2008

DVD Review: Hack!

Pop question, hotshot. What do you get when you combine the former good girl next door from the Wonder Years, a former soap-opera heartthrob, Duke and Paulie from the Rocky movies, the former vampire queen from Buffy, Kane Hodder and William Forsythe? Well, you get one hell of a fun movie, that's what! The horror/comedy Hack! takes you back to the good old days of slasher films.

All throughout the movie, you are treated to honorable nods to horror's past. For instance, if you look closely, you'll notice the name of the boat that takes to the co-eds to the island is Orca. Plus, with character names like Bates, Argento and Q, you know that writer/director Mike Flynn appreciates that which he pokes fun.

The film starts out brilliantly with Kane Hodder cast in the unenviable position that his victims are normally in. From there, we tag along with a group of co-eds as they travel to a remote island, the guests of the filmmakers who live there, for a weekend of studying nature. One-by-one, the co-eds begin to fall in traditional and enjoyable fashion. In terms of plot, Hack! is anything but surprising, but what is truly surprising is that you won't even care, because yes, it is well made and quite funny. I give Hack! **** out of *****. C'mon, if you don't laugh when the girl in the cage yells to William Forsythe, "Free us, Willy!" then you don't know what's funny.

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