Tuesday, October 03, 2006

DVD Review: Hard Candy

This is a brilliant movie. It makes you think about it long after the show's over. The acting is incredible and the direction is first-rate. The people behind this movie really thought this through, understanding that the viewer is going to question their very own point of view after watching this. I, for one, thought it ended brilliantly! Find out what happens when a 30-something man meets up with a 14 year old after an internet chat session. It's not Dateline, and there's no Chris Hanson! Amazingly subtle, yet poignantly powerful, this is a classic film that every member of society should watch. This should be Oscar-nominated, but the Hollywood machine can't get it's mind around filmmaking this good, so I'm sure some period piece on an English Queen will get the nod instead. Watch this film! I was riveted to my seat. ***** out of *****.


Aric Blue said...

Yeah, I liked this one myself. Some of the others you just checked out, I just skipped. You're a glutton for punishment! :)

dave said...

You're not just whistling Dixie! But I must do it. You see, I have sinned. This is my penance (if that's how it's spelled).

Hey, who knows, I just may come across another diamond in the rough like Fear of Clowns. It's films like yours that bring me hope that it's not all for nothing.

Aric Blue said...

Thanks, but FOC has a lot of problems--I think you'll like FOC2 more. It doesn't have the story holes the first FOC has, and I even try to answer some of those questions in the second movie.

And plus, there's fire and guns. Fire and guns make everything better.