Thursday, June 02, 2005

Comic Review: Friday The 13th

Avatar Press is releasing a new line of comics based on some old familiar faces this summer. The first one, as you can see is none other than Jason...Mr. Voorhees if your nasty. The other two series follow the exploits of Freddy and Leatherface. All three comics pick up the action from when we last saw our heroes...I mean villains (ahem). Jason is still stalking Camp Crystal Lake and demolishing anyone who gets in his way. This comic plays out like a twenty minute Friday the 13th movie on speed. It's all in here, from the naked teens to visceral kills, no one gets nookie if the J-Man is around! The action is bloody and explosive and bloody. Did I mention this comic was bloody? Any fan worth their salt will want to pick these up. The artwork is great, and who knows, the set may be worth something someday. By the way, these are not for kids, so keep them away from them. Other than that, what are you waiting for, go grab it before it sells out! The comic gets **** out if *****.

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