Thursday, January 27, 2005

Album of The Week: Hellfire Club by Edguy

This latest offering from the German band Edguy finds the boys in tip top shape. This is a straight forward rock-n-rollin' metal album. They have the ability to morph into many of your old time metal heroes. There are times on this album when I swear I'm listening to Judas Priest, and other times, Iron Maiden. America hasn't had any true heavy metal bands in years, yet Edguy proves that it can still be made and made well. I can't really say that there is a weak track on this disc. There are a couple slow songs but even they are good and don't get too sappy on you. This is a tight, well oiled band here. It's really a shame that America is so obsessed with marketing cardboard cutout popstars that the industry doesn't recognize these types of bands. Their albums go gold and platinum in countries all over the world but you never hear of them in the States. So here's the deal, if you like old Priest or Maiden, or even Dio, check these guys out and you won't be disappointed. Put the cd in, crank up the volume and don't forget to raise the devil horns because metal is not dead, it's just living in a different country. Welcome to the Freakshow! I give it **** out of *****.

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