Sunday, June 26, 2005

DVD Review: Rock & Roll Frankenstein

Leave it to the people over at Shock-O-Rama Pictures to come up with this one. When Uncle Bernie loses his best musical act he resorts to an unethical way to create the next megastar. He employs the help of his scientist nephew and a group of stoner dudes to put together (literally) the superstar. The stoners raid the graves of some of the most popular dead musicians and piece by piece, a star is made. The head of Elvis, the hands of Hendrix, etc.. Things go wrong when the stoners are sent to get Jim Morrison's johnson and after an accident, they wind up grabbing Liberace's instead. The King shoots to stardom while his "member" keeps having unnatural urges. It's a war of wills. You can't help but laugh when the King's dong starts talking like Liberace and saying things like "Mmmm, I smell dingleberries!" This was a funny movie that could have been funnier, but the guy that played the King was great. This would make a great drinking game movie, down a shot everytime Uncle Bernie says "Fucka!" or "You cocksucka!" It gets **1/2 out of *****.

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