Wednesday, June 29, 2005

DVD Review: Ripper 2-Letter From Within

This one was a stinker. It really had nothing to do with Jack the Ripper at all. Molly Keller, Jack's direct descendant, returns (although another actress plays her here) and is being held at an insane asylum. She's such a whacked out case, that her doctors send her off to Prague to be part of a secret test that utilizes dreams as therapy. Somehow, the Ripper comes forth from her dream and starts killing off all the other bad apple kids at the testing facility. It's kinda funny how the Ripper looks just like a Ringwraith from the Lord of the Rings and everytime it's shown, it's moving in slow motion. It's a shame because the video quality was good, as well as the sound, it's just that the movie sucked. I'll give it * out of *****.

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