Sunday, May 22, 2005

DVD Review: Camp Utopia

Oh boy, Camp Utopia, where do I begin? Well it sucks, for one. But I did sit through it. When the most recognizable actor is Stephen Pearcy, yeah from the eighties hair band Ratt, you know you're in trouble! The movie begins with about a twenty minute credit role with a bunch of hippies in 1969 being led by Pearcy just dancing around and looking stupid while showing off their sad boobs. Eventually Pearcy decides he's had enough of the sad boobs and kills everyone. It was actually humerous seeing him walk around with a mannequin head in his hand. Then the story jumps to present day and when a group of co-eds camp out at Camp Utopia, people start dying. Needless to say, you have it figured out after five minutes. The actors were mediocre at best, the direction was crappy and the film doesn't have one scare in it. On a humerous level the film worked, I mean if you like to get drunk and watch silly movies, then this may be your bag. It gets *1/2 out of *****.

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