Friday, March 11, 2005

Star Wars Ep. 3 News

Well, here it is folks, the official movie poster for Episode 3. From what I've seen so far, it looks like this could be more action oriented than the last two. Bad news for the younger fans though, is reporting that this will be at least a PG-13 Star Wars movie possibly even an R, and George Lucas himself was quoted as saying "I don't think I would take a five- or a six-year-old to this It's way too strong,". If this movie comes out an R, I think that would be a shame because this franchise has been built on the dollar bills from children, with all the toy lines and other merchandise. I remember part of the thing I loved about seeing the originals back in the day, was that I felt like I was seeing a "big person" movie. If Lucas feels the only way to win back fans is to make a more violent movie, he's obviously got his head up a wookie's rear end. Personally, I've always felt the franchise was on the soft side, but that was also what made it great because you could enjoy it right along with your kids. I just can't see them not getting at least a PG-13, but take warning parents, you know a PG-13 today is like an R from years ago. For the whole story and more Lucas quotes click the link below.

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