Saturday, March 12, 2005

DVD Review: Pauly Shore is Dead

"What's up, Buuuddeeee? AAAOOOOOOO!!!" If you can remember that phrase from the late eighties then you know it came from one of hollywood's strangest creations. The Weez started on MTV way back when and then had a slew of not so great films, Son-in-Law probably being the best of the lot. This movie is a mockumentary, focusing on Pauly's slip from fame during the nineties and has him faking his suicide to gain the immense popularity that comes with dying before your time. While parts of the movie are steeped in reality, most of it is creatively constructed by the one time VJ. The film is chock full of cameos from some surprising names I wouldn't expect to be associated with The Weez. You can also get a hint of the relationship he had with the late Sam Kinison, he obviously loved the man greatly. If you're a product of the eighties, you'll appreciate this movie. I give the it ***1/2 out of *****. Oh yeah, keep an eye out for the Rico Suave dude, his scene is hilarious.

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