Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Book of the Week: The Highwayman by R.A. Salvatore

Set in Salvatore's rich world of Corona years before the DemonWar series, this action yarn moves quickly and doesn't fail to entertain. Nobody can pen a fight scene like Salvatore. The tale centers around the creation of The Highwayman, a mysterious masked man who has his own form of justice. There is a good balance between the fighting scenes and the creation of the hero\anti-hero. You get the feeling at the end of the book that this is a startup book for a new series. Salvatore seems to have taken bits of Batman, Robin Hood and some of his own characters like Drizzt and Elbryan and stuck them all in a blender and came up with a new hero. I really enjoyed this book and hope for the story to continue. And if that wasn't enough, the hardback version comes with a new Drizzt short story, how can you beat that? The Highwayman gets **** out of *****.

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