Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Movie Review: Hatchetman

First things first, my feeling is the name of this movie is not meant to describe the film, but is in fact the nickname of the director of this crapfest. It basically tries to be a generic Scream ripoff and never can it be taken as a ripoff but it can easily be taken as generic. The story centers around Claudia, a college co-ed by day and stripper by night. Amazingly, all of the strippers that work at her club live in the same apartment complex. One by one they start turning up dead and fortunately, Claudia's boyfriend is the detective working the case. You can imagine my delirium as I watch one girl, who after the cop tells her it's dangerous and to stay together inside, decides that now is the time for her to do her laundry! The killer in the movie is equally ridiculous. The only positive thing I can say is that he fits the movie perfectly. Oh yeah, back to the strippers, alot of this movie is shot at the club so the director apparently thought to fill in the gaps of this 20 minute film with 70 minutes of T and A. Even that can't save this movie. Oh, damn you Hatchetman, damn you! I give it *.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree. This movie sucked big time and it was really amateurish acting. Wasted my time on this one. And guess what? The most beautiful so called "strippers" - Chloe and Claudia - didn't even strip! What nonsense!

There is no suspense. You know when the killer will strike. Its amazing how they lead you to believe its one ex-felon who's behind all these killing (I bet you figured it out early in the film) and even dragged one panties-lovin crookhead who's only bad habit is repairing cars.

No shit, this movie sucks.