Friday, February 10, 2012

Movie Review: I Saw The Devil

With the Oscars just a few days away, I have to say that I am very disappointed with this year's top movie considerations. I mean, Moneyball...really? No movie starring Jonah Hill should EVER be in consideration for a top film, let alone him get a nomination. Talk about Hollywood politics! Anyway, since the Academy is a bunch of old blowhard fools with a penchant for stagnant movies, I figured I'd introduce you to THE TRUE BEST FILM of 2011 - I Saw The Devil. This movie is so good, it makes every American-made film from the past year look like crap.

I Saw The Devil gets inside your head, burrows deep into your guts and guess what? It lives there for a long time after you've seen it. You'll find yourself thinking about this movie over and over again. You'll have long conversations with your friends about how far someone would go for revenge, whether revenge makes a difference and who's really the one affected by it all.

I Saw The Devil, directed by Kim Ji-woon, follows a young special agent named Soo-hyun who is out for revenge against the psychopath who kidnapped and murdered his pregnant fiancée. As Soo-hyun's obsession and determination grow in intensity, he finds himself getting closer and closer to the edge of the abyss. What develops is a cat and mouse of extremes that doesn't slow up until the credits roll.

Absolutely everything about I Saw The Devil is perfect. Watch it, feel it, experience it and I think you'll agree that it blows away any American-made film of the last five years. I highly recommend I Saw The Devil and give it ***** out of *****!

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