Sunday, May 11, 2008

DVD Review: Cruel World

Well, if nothing else, they got the title right! Oh, what a cruel world it is that we have to have movies like Cruel World somehow make it onto DVD. Remember way back when Terminator 2 came out, how everyone was touting Edward Furlong as the next big thing in acting? Oh how the mighty have fallen! Eddie now hams it up on the direct-to-DVD circuit and let's face it, he makes Corbin Bernsen look like a top-notch thespian. Cruel World is based on an emotionally messed-up reject from a dating reality show ala The Bachelor. He in turn starts his own reality-based television show, where contestants start to drop like flies, including a cameo by Jaime Pressly. Does she really need this gig? Anyway, the movie sucks. The only thing I wish is that this do-or-die premise would be adapted in today's reality shows. Imagine two women battling to the death to win Flavor Flav's heart. YEAH BOIIIIII!!!!! Otherwise, Cruel World plays more like a cruel joke...on the viewer! 0 out of *****.

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