Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DVD Review: The Rage

From the mind of Robert Kurtzman comes The Rage. Oh man, where do I begin? This movie pretty much has it all - tons of gore, man-eating vultures, cannabalized children, a mutant gimp, Erin Brown (Misty Mundae) and even Reggie Bannister as...Uncle Ben! The plot follows the disaster that ensues after Dr. Viktor Vasilienko's (Andrew Divoff) secret experiments go awry. He has his own reasons for wanting to exact his revenge on the world, and I really don't blame him, but when the vultures got involved, this tale turned directly into Sci-Fi Channel Saturday night. However, this is one that will probably become an instant cult classic, or at least a great drinking game movie! Oh yeah, and how can a movie that features music from Midnight Syndicate be all that bad? The Rage gets ** out of *****.

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