Wednesday, January 10, 2007

DVD Review: Live Feed

Cover looks pretty cool, huh? Too bad the movie doesn't live up to the cover. Oh, it's not all bad, as a matter of fact, there were a few scenes that were constructed really well, but as a result of extremely poor acting and lame characters, this film suffers. Live Feed follows a group of young Americans, vacationing in the Orient, who happen to make enemies with the local bad guy. A man so bad, that his acting looks inspired by the Chairman on Iron Chef, the Japanese version. It wouldn't have surprised me to see him whip out a yellow bell pepper and take a bite! Anyway, after being saved from certain death by a young oriental man, the group heads off to the local sex shop. Unwittingly, they fall into the hands of the Chairman from Iron Chef, the Japanese version, as the sex shop is his own personal entertainment spot. By entertainment, I mean kill zone. What we ultimately have here is a poor man's Hostel. While it's not terrible, it shouldn't be too hard to find something better at your local video store. Live Feed gets ** out of *****.

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